Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Upcoming movies

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For me this movie is a must see and I can't wait until it comes out.  If you have seen any Wolverine movie before then you should be excited for this movie too.  It releases march third and is an Action/Drama/Sci-Fi.  The movie takes place in the future with and older wolverine.  He is taking care of a sick professor X and is trying to hide from the world on the Mexico border.  However his new way of life is drastically changed upon the arrival of a young mutant girl.  He now is forced to go on the run from people pursuing him.

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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

This releases may twenty sixth and I can't wait.  I have seen all of the other Pirates of the Caribbeans, and thought who there wouldn't be any others but I was wrong.  Captain Jack Sparrow is pursued by his old nemesis and his ghostly crew.  He is determined to kill all pirates on the sea including Jack.  His only hope is to find poseidon's tridents, a powerful artifact which will give him total control over the sea.
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Kong Skull Island releases march tenth and the trailer was really good.  It is an Action/Adventure/Fantasy about a team of soldiers who stumble across an uncharted island in the pacific that is inhabited by Kong.  Kong is a giant gorilla who rules the island. This movie is a prequel to 2014’s Godzilla which was a pretty good movie.  It is also a reboot of the King Kong franchise.
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I saw the original guardians of the galaxy and it was really good.  The movie takes place a few months after the first.  They struggle to keep their new family together and help to find star lord's father.

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