Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Upcoming movies

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For me this movie is a must see and I can't wait until it comes out.  If you have seen any Wolverine movie before then you should be excited for this movie too.  It releases march third and is an Action/Drama/Sci-Fi.  The movie takes place in the future with and older wolverine.  He is taking care of a sick professor X and is trying to hide from the world on the Mexico border.  However his new way of life is drastically changed upon the arrival of a young mutant girl.  He now is forced to go on the run from people pursuing him.

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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

This releases may twenty sixth and I can't wait.  I have seen all of the other Pirates of the Caribbeans, and thought who there wouldn't be any others but I was wrong.  Captain Jack Sparrow is pursued by his old nemesis and his ghostly crew.  He is determined to kill all pirates on the sea including Jack.  His only hope is to find poseidon's tridents, a powerful artifact which will give him total control over the sea.
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Kong Skull Island releases march tenth and the trailer was really good.  It is an Action/Adventure/Fantasy about a team of soldiers who stumble across an uncharted island in the pacific that is inhabited by Kong.  Kong is a giant gorilla who rules the island. This movie is a prequel to 2014’s Godzilla which was a pretty good movie.  It is also a reboot of the King Kong franchise.
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I saw the original guardians of the galaxy and it was really good.  The movie takes place a few months after the first.  They struggle to keep their new family together and help to find star lord's father.


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Without giving any spoilers this movie was funny and it made me laugh.  A lot of people did not think that it was that funny however it is really up to your sense of humor.  If you have the right sense of humor then you will have a good time watching this movie, if you don't enjoy this type of comedy don't bother seeing this movie. Tweet me and tell me how you felt.
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While scoring high on rotten tomatoes, I personally did not enjoy this movie.  It did not meet my expectation.  While it had some scenes that I enjoyed watching most of it was boring.  Most of the people that I talked to about this movie said the same thing.  I would not recommend watching this movie.  Tweet me and tell me how you felt.
This was a great sequel to the original.  It packed a lot of action in two hours and two minutes.  I would strongly recommend seeing this movie but only if you have seen the first.  If you haven't seen the first I would recommend you see it, but if you haven't then watch the second anyway.  Tweet me and tell me how you felt.
A cure for wellness was more creepy than it was scary.  However that is not necessarily a bad thing.  It moves away from the traditional jump scare every two seconds to a slower and more creepy feel.  I would recommend seeing this movie.  Tweet me and tell me how you felt.

This movie disappointed me.  The trailer looked really good, however, it did not have enough action or excitement to keep my interest.  However, this is only my personal opinion.  I would not recommend seeing this movie.  Tweet me and tell me how you felt.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Movies to see

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Many good movies are coming out recently.  Of them the best ones are probably john wick chapter 2, the great wall, a cure for wellness, split, and fist fight.  John wick is an action movie where one guy takes down basically the entire mafia by himself and is a good movie if you are into action.  The great wall stars Matt Damon and is about the great wall of China.  It is a fantasy/mystery.  The premise is that there is an army of monsters that they are trying to keep out and the great wall is the only thing protecting them.  A cure for wellness is a mystery/drama movie and just looks creepy.  It's about a mental institution and a guy who gets stuck in it.  Finally fist fight is a comedy about two teachers who get into a fight.  It looks really funny.